Ernestomeda · The New Obliqua
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Ernestomeda · The New Obliqua 


We could feel the ingenuity of the designer in the ernestomeda. Obliqua, as one of ernestomeda popular kitchen, it has a strong personality taste. On this basis, ernestomeda reinterpret it.


Obliqua are named after the unique "bevel" of the worktop and door, is made of simple forms, exquisite materials and exquisite details. New obliqua showed outstanding design by its compact、perfect lines,to create a unique space that combines elegance and innovation with different cabinet.


The Obliqua combination layout has a balanced and strong look and feel, combining simple forms, patterns and materials, as well as the artisans’ extreme attention to details. Then use exquisite design and superb craftsmanship to create a comfortable and stable kitchen space.


Obliqua uses a single shadow on the console, processing tank, door and pedestal to achieve color continuity, bringing exquisite charm and intensity to Obliqua The visual impact of the black open-hole oak peninsula extends a warm and intimate atmosphere to the entire space.




This is reflected in the rapid development of ergonomics in the design industry and New obliqua does so, which is arranged two islands, each of them with a practical functions. The cooking area and the washing area are connected to each other through the convenient wooden dining table.


Obliqua provides solution by a series of ingenious design which adapts to the modern kitchen life, the overall style is simple atmosphere, the function is complete and convenient, the artistry and the practicability in this perfect fusion. It provides a new perspective for kitchen design.



The intersection of elegance and simplicity

The symmetry of the high units is the key feature of the obliqua . The metal full of science and technology is in sharp contrast with the warm wood, giving the living room elegant and dynamic. It contains a strong attractive "clever" and" order" shelves, which has compact and practical layout.




Ernestomeda always keep pace with the times, this brand closely related to Italian tradition, constantly explore a better self in innovation. Obliqua greatly display it’s brand characteristics, giving the better experience to the clients.


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