When designing the kitchen, we also consider the installation environment of the kitchen, paying attention to every tiny detail to ensure that it can be perfectly integrated with your home environment. ,Through innovative design, leading technology, continuous research and development and perseverance in quality, to promote the Italian kitchen to the world. We hope to stand out on the international stage with our excellent value made in Italy and innovative and high-quality products unique to kitchen furniture.
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We are committed to promoting Italian design to the world through innovative design, leading technology, continuous research and development and dedication to quality. This concept is increasingly taking shape in our company. Our company knows its mission: to observe, experiment and achieve unique results. And it must have its own characteristics. Therefore, from the beginning, innovation has played a key role, and there is also a demand for "customized" products, which is reflected in our attention to details and solutions to achieve a high degree of personalization. All thanks to Scavolini Group's financial stability, excellent business reputation and specialized technical knowledge (Scavolini Group has been a member of our group since 1996).

Our collaboration with famous designers has left a strong mark in Ernestomeda’s history. Giuseppe Bavuso, Andreucci&Hoisl, Marc Sadler, Rodolfo Dordoni, Pietro Arosio, Castiglia Associati, Carlo Bartoli and Zaha Hadid worked together to develop the revolutionary future kitchen of Z.Island. The company’s experimentation, bold imagination, and unstoppable enthusiasm left some advanced designs: Jean Nouvel designed Corian? Nouvel Lumières living room, the surface material can realize the original dialogue in the light; Tron designs Corian? designed in cooperation with AquiliAlberg Company Concept kitchen, which appeared together with Disney? and DuPont? in the film Tron exhibition.

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