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Los Angeles, a famous city in California on the west coast of the United States, has a long history and modern 

style, filled with warm and charming charm, is the ideal place to live. 

For a hundred years, the Private houses has been an important part of California's architectural history. 

Many architects have their designed houses here, building villas that have witnessed history,and also 

benefiting from the coordination of local natural landscapes. 


The TR-102 villa project, designed by McClean Architect Company, located in Los Angeles,

 known as the City of Angels, and is also called " Maison Calvin Klein ".

It likes a magnificent Hollywood scenes which has as all the elements of the front-cover residential building.

The interior design of the villa was charged by the Svetti Architect Company and the Mass Beverly Company. 

Whole home furniture is made in Italy, Ernestomeda high-end customized kitchen is one of them.

Based on the overall spatial layout, the villa uses specific materials and elegant decoration. The entrance 

wall structure of the walkway is covered with marble, the appearance is exquisite and safe and strong, 

from there through a pool to enter the living area. The entrance floor of the villa has a living room, 

dining room, kitchen, study and two bedrooms. In addition, there are two bedrooms and an atmosphere-filled

 multimedia room downstairs. All rooms are equipped with custom furniture. The minimalist style reveals the beauty 

of quality from inside to outside, making the aesthetic sense of space structure reach a new height.


The Ernestomeda was invited to customize the kitchen for the villa, consider the coordination with other 

space layout, Ernestomeda selected a minimalist design scheme, retain the open kitchen layout, in which 

the functional partition and orderly cabinets, practicability and beauty coexist. Make the

 whole kitchen area efficient, convenient and elegant.


In the selection of materials, the kitchen table uses bright and elegant marble, smooth and delicate touch, 

natural and changeable patterns. Smooth and direct lines create simple and advanced visual

 effects,design and function perfect combination.

Finally, there is a garage with a gallery in the villa, which is the place for storing and displaying the owner's

 works of art. This design not only makes use of the space to the extreme, but also presents the 

artistry and practicability perfectly in the architectural design.


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