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Ernestomeda has been thinking what does Ernestomeda mean to each customer?

With the continuously study of the kitchen, Ernestomeda believes that the original intention of product design should not be "what should do ", but why to do "—— to meet the needs of customers for kitchen design, innovation, value and love, mining the meaning behind design, constitute the core and key to Ernestomeda kitchen quality excellence.

Our idea of design

Unlike design in the other fields, Ernestomeda believes that the design aesthetics of classic kitchens are becoming more and more mature in continuous innovation —— the ingenious balance between modular design layout, function and vision, behind these modern designs, It is Ernestomeda adjustment and exploration based on traditional design.


K-lab is the most "personality " kitchen, which is also further optimized under the premise of traditional kitchen design

Our idea of innovation

Innovation has always been the soul of Ernestomeda: new coated material, new air circulation technology, seemingly unremarkable but particularly smooth touch switch...Every technological innovation of Ernestomeda is based on the improvement of the kitchen experience —— For ernestomeda, new enough technology is not called innovation, the promotion does.


Our idea of value

For Ernestomeda, the value of each product is not the marked price. Materials, design, technology... For customers, price of the kitchen may be only a composition of the products, but for Ernestomeda, the value behind prices is more important.








Our idea of love 

Ernestomeda believe that love is in detail. The design layout of the kitchen may be changed because of space constraints, but each product contains a love of life. Pass the exquisite product details to each customer —— because of this, Ernestomeda never relax the grinding of the details. It is the perfect details to build a unique Ernestomeda style.


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